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Stoneshard is a turn-based RPG inspired by old school roguelikes such as ADOMNethack and Angband. The game blends classic roguelike gameplay with fresh mechanics established by modern titles like The Banner Saga and Darkest Dungeon. It includes procedurally-generated open world, survival elements and an elaborate follower system.

Stoneshard Prologue is a playable alpha which will get you familiar with some of game’s core mechanics in their current state. Story-wise it is set before Stoneshard events and it will introduce one of game’s main characters — Verren. You’ll be able to explore several levels, including tutorial, and fight a boss.

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Upcoming Features:

  • Embark on the adventure through a vast procedurally-generated medieval world
  • Lead a Caravan of valiant allies and expand your following
  • Struggle with physical or psychic traumas and aid them with medicine or drugs 
  • Upgrade and customize your character any way you want to 
  • Wage war to vampires, undead and mercenaries with 100+ weapons
  • Follow the will of ancient Gods and gain some of their power in return
  • Return to the journey with a new hero after your character dies in battle

Prologue contains 2-3 hours of gameplay and introduces Stoneshard’s world and combat system. 


Stoneshard Prologue.exe 63 MB

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It's a very good one! Really promising. Thank you.

Hope you'll fix and polish soon some details, like controls, shortcuts, adding saves, a map, etc.  I love the fact it's not easy and you must to take care about what you do, how you engage the fight, having a real strategy. But don't make it too hard, or set levels of difficulty. Procedurally-generated is a very good point for the replay, as the random loot. Very nice visual art, atmosphere. Like it! 

Keeping an eye on..

All the best.

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The new update seems to keep getting quarantined by McAfee. It keeps detecting a trojan named "Real Protect-EC.gen!F609C5B3E6BC" when you attempt to run it.

I'm guessing it's a false positive (the last build was fine), but you may want to look into it.

yeah typically happens alot with these alpha games because the anti virus isnt familiar with the programming or code yet because its so new.

Hello. I would just like to say, what I have seen so far is really good. The game looks and feels good, though I do not enjoy the walking animation, the whole waddling feels weird.  But, it will grow on me over time. 

Also, I hope there would be a map in the final product. It is very difficult for me to navigate through the dungeon without a map, showing me where I have already explored would be greatly appreciated. I lost count, the amount of times I kept revisiting the same location.

Finally, I would like to know if you would put this title an in  'early access'  state. I think giving players an opportunity to  play the game  at such a state, would offer invaluable feedback to the devs. It would also help advertise the game to a larger audience.  Just something to think about :)

Anyways good luck on the kickstarter! I hope you reach the necessary funding! 

I've played so many roguelikes in the past 10 years and this game is tight af, I love the art and polish, maybe not so much the waddling of characters as they walk, but that's just personal preference. Please don't lower the difficulty because Pixel Dungeon is very fucking hard and one of the best games on its platform. I've been waiting for actual hard roguelikes that look this good so maybe have a difficulty slider so I can play on a nightmare mode? Anyway. great game and this will be the first game I back on Kickstarter in years. Also ignore the whining about difficulty, please. I want a game that makes me think, not just click on an enemy and feel powerful.

Oh, Windows only... :( Bye



Just keeping it here so I won't forget: button for closing character sheet is not working for me :)

For now great feeling, hope  keyboard issueswill be fixed soon ;)

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Jesus, how can controls suck so bad?

no crtl or shift click to put stuff in the inventory?

stuff is highlighted and the mouse symbol is changed to hand or gear. And you really don't think left mouse click is the way to go? MAybe you should think about moving the character next to it and then picking it up or interacting with it...

Also right click on lockpicks, to use or drop them? what?! right click to use them and left click and drag outside the inventory to drop them. easy as pie.

this game really looked promising, but dude there's a lot to do.

I give it another chance but let me run into that trap again to start THIS WHOLE DAMN THING over again and this stuff lands in the trashbin...

EDIT: alright vampire guard killed me. trashbin it is.


Controls are in a bad state now indeed. We'll rework them completely once our campaign ends.

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I know this is an alpha demo, but I thought I’d throw a few things out there just in case. I like what I see so far — the art, sound, music, atmosphere, and gameplay are all very satisfying —, and I'm very much keen for the full version. :D

- It would be nice to have keyboard-focused controls, like Tales of Maj’Eyal (TOME) and ADOM (numpad directional keys for movement). This is especially important, as moving too far ahead via mouse input means potentially walking to your death. Yet it feels claustrophobic to point only at squares adjacent to your character.

- The loot box needs a ‘send to inventory’ shortcut key. For example, holding shift and clicking an item sends the item to the inventory. I don’t always want to take all items, and I don’t always want to drag and drop items across.

- When looting, the ‘take all’ button needs a shortcut key (such as ‘f’ to take all).

- Is there a shortcut for switching weapons in the full version? If not, that also needs to exist.

- Escape should exit out of both the uppermost windows (which it does)  and any selected ability, before opening the pause/settings menu.

- The loot box ‘take all’ button needs a tooltip to describe what the arrow does.

- I have no idea what that red broken shield means on the item tooltips. It also took a moment to realise the icon was a shield.

- It would be nice if the keys on the hotbar were visible by default to make it easier to add abilities to the preferred keybind instead of simply guessing. Alternatively, the moment you start ‘dragging’ a skill, all keys on the hotbar should appear.

- The tooltip speed is a bit slow, especially when you’ve just opened a window.

- I'm not a fan of the writing. There are a few typos, and a lot of awkward phrases. I assume some of this is a translation issue, and much is just placeholder text.

- It’s distracting to have ‘my character’ continuously talk, but I assume that’s there for the demo.

- The rest mode is awkward to use. There needs to be a rest mode shortcut, especially as when you get hungry or thirsty while resting, the resting mode turns off, but doesn’t exit out of the ‘mode’ menu, making it a bit awkward to get to the inventory to eat.

- Items shouldn’t explode away when you close a loot container without taking any items, and items shouldn’t fall onto the floor when you add an item to a loot container. If I put a pair of boots or some rotten cheese in a cupboard, my intent is to get them out of my sight or to use the cupboard as temporary storage, not to clutter the floor with junk.

- In black/dark areas that I have not yet explored, I can still mouse over the area and see icon popups.

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Hello, thanks for the detailed feedback!

As we've mentioned earlier, keyboard controls were cut out not so long ago because they caused plenty of bugs. It's temporary and doesn't reflect how the game is intended to be played. All shortcuts and hotkeys will be added to the game as soon as we fix the aforementioned issues.

Your quality of life suggestions make sense, I'll write them down.

Speaking of writing, it's mostly translation issue. Cutscene dialogues weren't proofreaded by the native speaker, because they were alredy voiced by that time, but the rest of the game (e.g. item and skills description) is pretty much final. Did some of those still feel like a placeholder?

Red shields reflect stat penalties because of item's low durability.

Modes are in a very early iteration currently. They will be improved in the future. Items drop out because our game currently doesn't have any save system, so it's temporary as well. Changing mouse cursor in  FOW is a known bug, we'll fix that.

On second reading, the descriptions and books are fine. They just need some proof-reading and minor editing before finalisation. :)

For example, 'Gods hate this world and every one of its inhabitants indeed' might be better written as 'The Gods hate this world and all of its inhabitants'. If the 'indeed' is meant to lead on from 'previous work', as in to mean 'As we have previously establish', then it could also be written as 'Indeed, the Gods hate this world and all of its inhabitants'. There is also an error in that same note: 'Half of his village had fallen from [an some] unknown ailment'.

'I still hope that it was all but a wild tale. I still hope that the boy himself was not infected ...' Might also be better with a different tone, as it currently sounds like a fairy tale: 'I hope this is just delusion, and that the boy is not truly infected.'

There are also errors in The Big Book of Salamanders: 'Admittedly, some skill [an] magical inclination is needed', and 'Call forth [an an] inferno...' Also, 'As such, their essence [acquires] amazing thermic properties...' is that 'acquires' as in heat gives a salamander’s essence thermic properties, or is it meant to be 'has' as in a salamander's essence has thermic properties?

That said, outside of the dialogue, I would not consider any of these major issues. It is just occasionally a bit jarring.

It is also good to know the team is working on many of those gameplay issues. I'm looking forward to it. :D

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These click-only controls are cumbersome and I hate them. I like the idea of modernizing the roguelike genre but only when there is clear improvement, if this was C:DDA or something I would be able to get out of cell in 3 seconds.

I'd recommend you guys play Tome4 to get a feel for how to complement mouse controls with keyboard ones (things like numpad movement, pickup below, take all shortcut, bump attacks, and activate hotkey leading into arrow key highlight), right now it just feels clunky and dangerously inaccurate. Other than that the game looks like it would be fun once it feels better.

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ToME4 is one of our favorite games. Keyboard controls were cut out like a week before the release due to some nasty bugs they produced, which couldn't be quickly fixed. It's a temporary measure. We'll need to rewrite a big chunk of the core game's code to fix it. Current state of affairs isn't how game controls were intented to be.

This game runs in such a small window, I have to sit 10 cm from my screen in order to play.

(4k screen) So an option to go fullscreen would be 110% welcome!

As a temporary measure, you can  Alt+Enter to play it full-screen.

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game seems really good at first glance ;) is any online or local multiplayer fonctionality planned ? :D

(cuz playing that wih friends would be HMMMMM so good)

Multiplayer is very unlikely. It's a very classic-styled turn-based game, its pace won't work well with multiplayer.

From graphics to the amount of gameplay features, this game has a really high quality feel to it.

We  think it would be a great fit to the annual Game Development World Championship!

I played and did a very bad job. I would've liked to have gone far but I did not see the 'this person sucks at most things' difficulty setting so I could not. 

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Hello, and thanks for the game coverage! The game isn't that hard, it's mostly about understanding your possibilities and how things around work, so you can perform better the more you know.

Anyway, we're going to release a balance update soon, and it'll lower a difficulty curve a little. Maybe you'd want to give it a try one more time then.

I think it's just me not knowing what type of game this is or how to play it. One of my subscribers literally walked me through how these games are played after watching  so yeah, I probably shouldn't have been just spamming on enemies to kill them. Truly a great looking game and I hope to replay it down the line when I've played a few more of these.

Good luck!


This looks terrific!


This looks terrific!


Game looks brilliant! Definitely giving the prologue a shot later today.