Alpha 0.4.8 Released!


  • Added animation for Nausea effect.
  • Added animation for Search Surroundings skill.
  • Vampire Priest sprite was changed to Vampire Priestess
  • Fixed Treatise room table’s depth


  • Greatswords damage was slightly nerfed. Also they have been given increased Fumble Chance, but their other secondary stats got buffed to somewhat compensate this.
  • Added missing secondary stats for Flail, Flanged Mace and Morning Star.
  • Oak Shield now provides 1 Absorption and 1 Defence instead of 2 Defence. This should increase an early game survivability.
  • Vampires and Undead heath was generally slightly decreased.
  • Added missing Fumble Chance to Undead.
  • Undead Evasion chance was decreased. Why would skeletons want to evade? They’re already dead anyway.
  • Undead Critical Chance was slightly increased.
  • Several armored enemies now have Defence instead of Absorption (should generally increase damage dealt to them a little).
  • Bat’s Evasion Chance was decreased.
  • Increased damage dealt by Rats and Bats.
  • Added Spell Power penalty for most Shields and heavy Gloves, Helms and Cuirasses
  • Added new passive to Basic skills. This mechanic was in the game from the very start, but it wasn’t very clear, so we decided to explain it this way.
  • Dual wielding penalty was slightly decreased, so it should be more viable to use dual weapons now. Dual weapons will function very differently in the main game, but we still want you to have some fun even with this iteration.
  • Sacrificial Blood now correctly gives caster mana instead of health. It also gives 3 MP per 1 HP lost, instead of 1:1 ratio.
  • Sleep now decreases Evasion to 0. Sabotage active skill should be more viable because of this.
  • Altar Statues death ray damage scatter was a bit too random, so it was nerfed to deal more predictable amounts of damage.  
  • Lively Essence now correctly restores 30% HP instead of 25 HP.
  • Search Surroundings formula was tweaked to find traps much faster.
  • Bows have much decreased Accuracy now.
  • Blood Golem explodes upon reaching 0% HP, not 50%.
  • “Powershot” active skill was tweaked.
  • “Arrow Recovery” passive now has a 10% chance not to consume an arrow upon shot (temporary iteration).



  • Added notification for “Search Surroundings” being unlocked in a tutorial
  • Fixed crash upon using sword’s AoE-skill on zombies and statue during the boss fight.
  • Fixed traps spawning right under the containers.
  • You can no longer interact with traps/door/loot/container when stunned.
  • Now your mana level persists upon changing the dungeon floor.
  • Fixed various equipment-related crashes.
  • Fixed various modifier-related crashes.
  • Mobs can no longer shoot or cast spells when stunned.
  • “Midas Touch” modifier fixed to correctly give at least 1 coin every attack.
  • Arrows stack limit increased to 30 from 20
  • Fixed bug with crates and reinforced crates dropping nothing
  • Added arrows to crates and reinforced crates drop list.
  • Fixed occasional full inventory crash.
  • Fixed occasional item generation crashes.
  • Equipping bow and arrows no longer activates dual wielding penalty.
  • Goldhoarder’s Curse hover fixed to display text correctly.
  • “Consecutive Blows” active skill no longer explodes the barrel in 1 turn.
  • Fixed mental debuffs not appearing in-game.
  • Opening Modes menu no longer takes a turn.
  • Fixed occasional Rest Mode crash.
  • Modifiers’ “skull” and “cross” icons are no longer shown during the cutscenes.
  • Fixed double SP exploit.
  • Fixed numerous typos and grammatical mistakes in English translation.
  • Fixed book formatting.
  • Several hovers and descriptions were rewritten to provide more clear insight.
  • Both “Emergency Repair” and “Repair Kit” restore 20% equipment durability now
  • Fixed bench collision blocking 4 tiles sometimes.


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May 18, 2018

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