Alpha is live!


- First iteration of keyboard controls (not final, will be improved with next updates). Expect customizable hotkeys in the nearest future.
- Dungeon floors can no longer be re-rolled.
- Fixed frequent floor transition crash.

- Intro can now be skipped using LMB.
- Fixed blinking AoE-zone when skill hotkey is being pressed frequently.
- Fixed several crashes.
- Fixed a bug that prevented equipping of a weapon to the free slot through the context menu, if the second slot was occupied by a cursed item.
- Fixed several typos.
- Chest name is now correctly displayed.
- Fixed notes’ sound.
- Fixed "Inspect surroundings" skill.
- Fixed some problems with removing abilities from hotbar slots.
- Dungeon transitions are now generated in rooms only.
- Fixed collisions of some environment objects.
- Fixed a bug with braziers not providing light.
- Added remains for Blood Golems.
- Fixed animations playing over open menus.
- Fumble Chance enchantments are displayed correctly now.
- Attributes now change immediately after the level up (it was needed to spend one turn for them to take effect before)
- Fixed Modes Menu displaying during cutscenes.
- Fixed a bug with damage numbers displayed in fog of war areas.
- Fixes tables generation.
- Fixed when transitions to another floors sometimes obstructed by environment objects.
- Modifiers’ icons are now displayed in two rows.
- Reading books and notes no longer spends turns.
- You can now correctly switch weapon loadouts while dragging another weapon with your mouse.(изменено)

- Fixed Repair Kit exploit.
- Added new sounds.
- The skill learning confirmation window now correctly blocks other interactions.
- You can now close the skill learning confirmation window with ESC.
- Verren's companions now actually leave the church after approaching the exit.
- Fixed Blindness.
- Low durability penalties to the enchantment attributes are now displayed correctly.
- Fixed health regeneration numbers.
- Fixed context menu not disappearing after closing inventory.
- Added missing outlines for Antidote and Antitoxin.
- Using dual wielding active skill with bow as a second weapon is no longer possible.
- Fixed issue with not being able to identify an item at all
- Fixed turns being spent when using “Take all” button with full inventory
- Fixed Modes bug during floor transitions.
- Fixed some containers not being lootable.
- Fixed “Emergency Repair” going on cooldown after being used on a full


- Decreased Altar Statues’ HP by 15%
- Altar Statues’ rays now have a miss chance.
- Fixed item generation system. Uncommon and rare items are now truly uncommon and rare. Also fixed enchantment bonuses (no more +10 Strength items at level 3). - Low-level swords were buffed (including the tutorial one).
- Slightly buffed low-level greatswords.
- Mobs were slightly weakened due to the item generation fixes.
- Fixed enormous drop rates from crates.
- Rest Mode was greatly buffed. It was made to save your time since we can’t implement fast autoskipping now. - Increased manacost for Lightning Enchantment, Firewave, Lifeleech, Vampiric Rune. Decreased manacost for Blood Vow.


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Jun 03, 2018

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